Netflix Stranger Things - Hellfire Club Smartwatch band

This officially licensed watch band includes 20+ exclusive watch faces

Sale price€39,95

*Smartwatch not included


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Customer Reviews

Based on 19 reviews
Matthew C.
Best Watch Bands ever

I recently bought my wife and I some “Stranger Things” bands and they were mind blowing to say the least. I got the Black and Red Demogorgon band and she got the Demogorgon Paradise one and we get people coming up to us asking where we got it. We can’t tell them MobyFox fast enough. Thanks for an awesome conversation starter. You guys ROCK! Hellfire Club for life! It’s finally my year!!


Very comfortable and nice

Jacob Wilson

It is great..

Sharla S.
Nice band

This is my third band from MobyFox. Yeah they’re pricy but it’s good quality, I love the bonus watch faces with the app, I just wish they fit more like the apple sport bands that don’t need a metal clasp to close it. I also wish they’d make smaller sizes since I’m on the last hole and there’s SO much extra band left over making it bulkier on my wrist than necessary. The company said on Facebook they emailed me to compensate for me buying faces in the app prior to my watch band arriving but I never got an email from them, so that sucks they got my hopes up.

Love Love Love

Can’t even feel the watch band on my wrist and the design is dooooope!

Hey APL,

We love that you think the design is dope, we couldn't agree more!

I have passed this onto the direct designer to share your views with them.

Please check your emails, as we have sent you a little gift to be used on your next purchase with us!

MobyFox Customer Support

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