Netflix Stranger Things - Demogorgon Paradise Smartwatch band

This officially licensed watch band includes 20+ exclusive watch faces

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*Smartwatch not included


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Jennifer Jansa

Netflix Stranger Things - Demogorgon Paradise Smartwatch band

LOVE my Demogorgon Paradise band… the Hellfire Club band needs work.

So, I’m on my THIRD Stranger Things MobyFox band. I am really enjoying them. There is a design problem, however, with the latest edition – the Hellfire Club band. I purchased through Amazon since they were sold out on MobyFox at the time, but I’m reviewing here since the MobyFox site review might be read/help people to know about the issue. The iconic graphic of the Hellfire Club is the reason you want to purchase the band, right? The horned, red dude is the main thematic graphic, therefore the draw to buy the band. Now, if you have a smaller wrist like me, the graphic is totally obstructed by the opposing band once wrapped around the wrist and tucked into the band loop. If only the graphic could have been printed on the opposite band, in the same position, problem solved and I would be able to enjoy viewing the artwork… the reason I bought the band in the first place. Love everything else about the band, but this is a pretty big potential deal breaker. I’ll be wary of artwork location on MobyFox bands going forward. Crazy about the Stranger Things series, though. Keep doing what you’re doing.

Kerry Francis
Faith Restored - Beautiful strap

After being in touch with them they are sending out a new one and said that this can sometimes happen but they were unsure why when I asked how this could be avoided. 5* customer service and very swift responses have restored my faith in this company. Thank you.

The design is gorgeous and is easily a firm favourite of my straps however within a day the design has started wearing away as mentioned by another reviewer.
I only have an office job and my watch never comes into contact with water etc so I wouldn't expect this from such an expensive strap.

Not sure I would buy another from MobyFox in case the same happened.

Natasha Fontana
Watch band


Daniel Gomez

Love it!!

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