We sincerely hope you & your family are staying safe & well during these challenging times.

At MobyFox we continue to be operational (& thankfully everyone in the team is healthy so far!). We are isolating, working from home & doing our best to adapt to the situation like everyone! 

Thanks so much for your support.  Like the rest of the world we cannot wait to get through this, as safely & with as little impact to human life as possible.  We have a lot of new products & exciting things in the works that we can’t wait to reveal later this year.

 In the meantime we wish you, your friends, loved ones, & family the very best, & that you stay safe & healthy! 

  • How does this situation affect my order?
    Our logistics partners have been awesome during this time, even with the COVID restrictions we are observing & implementing. Needless to say we do however expect delivery delays.  If you place an order with us your product will be held for you, although we expect shipping delays of at least 2 weeks given the latest measures we’ve put in place.  Obviously the situation is fluid, and for any open orders we will keep you fully informed of any improvement or further expected delays, & at any point before your order ships we can do a full refund if you get tired of waiting. Drop us a line at support-emea@mobyfox.com if you have any doubt.



  • What watches are the straps made for?
    Right now we are only making straps for Apple Watch, however stay tuned and we will let you know if we add straps for other products next year. To keep up to date follow us on Instagram and Facebook!
  • What models do you support? What sizes are available? 
    We support all Apple Watch Series 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 & SE. We also also support both screen sizes (38mm/40mm and 42mm/44mm).
  • What if I have a large or small wrist? Are there different sizes available?
    Like Apple and other brands, we try to support most wrist sizes.  Inside the box we include two lengths of strap, and we’ve found so far this does indeed fix most wrist sizes.  Drop us a line at support-emea@mobyfox.com if you have any doubt.
  • What's in the box?
    One short-strap end with clasp, and two long-strap ends (the ones with the holes to attach the clasp to) so you can choose the one that is more comfortable for you. We also include warranty info, terms & conditions, and for some products a QR-code to access special digital Watch Face collections.
  • What are the straps made of?
    High quality silicone that is hypo-allergenic. That said; almost nothing is 100% allergenic so please pay close attention to how your skin reacts to your strap in the first days of wearing it, and if you have any problems let us know, or return it to us for a full refund!  We have also tested for UV, sweat, general use, and worked to make our products as durable as possible for ongoing daily use. We believe they are more than robust enough to handle you, and your Apple Watch!
  • What if I get one and there is a problem with it?
    If your product does not work or is damaged for any reason, you can either bring it back to your retailer for a replacement (or money back), or you can drop us a line at support-emea@mobyfox.com  and we will sort you out. Let us know within 30 days, then ship it back to us for a replacement or your money back.
  • What if it breaks or does not perform as promised after 30 days?
    We offer a one-year warranty against defective product (details included in the box and also available here on the site), where we will ship you a replacement strap.  Just shop the damaged product back to us and we will get a new one back to you asap.  Drop us a line at support-emea@mobyfox.com  and we will get it done!
  • Are the branded straps official?
    Yes! We publish the license and copyright details of everything we do, and any branded product you see is based on official partnerships we have with the brands in question.
  • Do they include digital Watch Faces? How does that work? Do I need to pay extra for Watch Faces?
    We have an App called MobyFace which you can download for free on the Apple Store.  This App has tons of free Watch Face collections. Even without one of our straps you can download and start using the MobyFace App today. 
    With our branded straps you will receive a QR-code inside the box.  In the MobyFace App you will see a QR-code icon in the top right-hand corner, simply click it, point the screen at the QR-code, and a matching collection for your strap will appear in your collections inside the MobyFace App.  You can then install any of the Watch Faces in that collection on your Apple Watch. You can find more information at emea.mobyfox.shop/mobyface

Watch Faces:

  • How can I access MobyFace watch faces?
    Simply go to the App Store, look for "MobyFace", click download and you'll be ready to go! 
  • The MobyFace App gives me an iCloud error. What can I do?
    When trying to use the MobyFace App for the first time you might encounter the following error "Can't find your iCloud account. To sync & save your strap images you need to login to iCloud at Settings/iCloud". MobyFace requieres iCloud access so we do not need to create a proprietary account system (all your info is still managed by Apple, not by us, so it is safer & more comfortable for you). This means you need to have iCloud enabled on your iPhone, the "iCloud drive" feature enabled as well, and finally allow MobyFace to synchronize with your iCloud drive. This is all done in the Apple ID Banner you should see at the top when you open your iPhone "Settings" menu. If everything is properly configured and yet the app does not work, please reach us at support-emea@mobyfox.com so we can help and try to find out what is wrong
  • I can't see or purchase some of the watch faces you advertise in your App, am I doing something wrong? 
    We publish our App & content in almost 200 countries, and with official content unfortunately sometimes rights for all countries take time. If you can't see a particular collection inside MobyFace, it means the content is not currently available in your location. We are working to release more content ASAP, just drop us a note at support-emea@mobyfox.com & we'll be more than happy to let you know more!
  • How can I buy purchase one of your straps? 
    Simply go to emea.mobyfox.shop, browse our 
    products, and follow the on-screen instructions for payment and shipping information.
  • What if I want to return or replace my strap?
    No problem, just drop us a line at support-emea@mobyfox.com and we will sort you out. You can return the strap (in original condition and in original packaging) within 30 days for a full refund.  
  • There has been a problem with my order or payment. What can i do?
    Drop us a line at support-emea@mobyfox.com and we will get back to you asap to figure out what’s going on.